Creative thinker, designer.

I design digital experiences which has that… emotional, human, connection

My name is Ergun Karaman and I am a Digital Designer based in London, UK. First of all, I would like to thank you for showing interest by viewing this site. Secondly, in this site you will find work that I have created for clients and my personal projects.

I have always had an artistic and creative flair. My passion for digital arts began when I studied Graphic Design and Typography at London College of Printing (now called London College of Communication). Over the years I have developed my skills in various areas of digital design including web designing and App design. I have used various methods and techniques to develop a unique style which represents my visions and creative thoughts.

My inspirations come from every day life such as, sci-fi, architectural designs, post-morden inspirations, music, movies and different cultures around the world. I am constantly craving and searching for new ideas and challenges. Take your time to have a look around and if you have any questions/queries, feel free to contact me. Enjoy! Have a look at the portfolio section to see my work.

My setup

How I create?

How I generally work on projects for the best out come

  • Understand the problem

    Before starting any kind of designs, wireframes or research we need to understand what problem is before trying to solve the issue. How would we know if we have a problem? This could be user feedback, business requirements may have changed or looking at the data we have in hand.

  • Strategy & Ideation - Discovery & workshops

    Depending on how big the project is, this section should involve a workshop with key stake holders (sticky notes is your best friend here). Allow participants to express what they think should be the hierarchy and flow of the key feature with cut outs of wireframe elements. 2.1 Creating Information Architecture With the information collected from *stage 2* the UX team should have a clear indication of what the hierarchy and flow should be allowing them to move to the next stage

  • UX/Prototype and test

    Test what we have discovered with our users to verify our hypothesis. This will save time, resource and money by not developing anything on any of the platform before we have positive feedback from the user.

  • UI and interaction design 

    Once the user testing proves that the we're on the right track it’s time to design the wireframes using our design system


My Goals

Is to make meaningful and pleasant digital experiences. Solving one problem to another, making the world a better place one pixel after another.

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Past clients

I’ve had the pleasure to work with some amazing brands and projects over the years from print design, web, native apps to experimental interactive learning apps.